Davao Medical School of Foundation Facilities

In this age and time, where students prefer overseas education in the developed nations, often face difficult situations to make their ends meet. A comfortable accommodation that fits into the budget is the main concern for many.

Philippines, the pearl of orient seas also offer abroad education at a whole new level, facilitating millions of students each year. Philippines is recorded as a zero crime rate country, making an ideal place for a safe educational journey. There has been a tremendous increase of Indian students in the Philippians universities which prospered to be the best destination to pursue MBBS.

Davao Medical School of foundation nationally recognized institution of SGCS providing specialized services to its students residing from India, chiefly from Telugu states to practice a golden career in Medicine. Davao, a pioneer of medical education in Mindanao of Philippines, is a non-profitable institution which has been producing qualified doctors to the world. The institution is known for its quality and advanced teaching techniques-simulated mannequins station, team learning center and ultra modern libraries to make the learning easier and better understanding ; making MBBS in Philippines an accurate choice.

Home away from home

Corresponding to the educational amenities, Davao offers exceptional accommodation facilities to its clinical students- exclusively Indians. The luxurious rooms are well equipped with bed, cupboards. Indian festivals are celebrated in large scale to keep the students tied up with the customs and traditions and to and stay connected to the family. Our professional cooks serve the best Indian food that doesn’t make you miss home food. The delicacies are prepared considering health and hygiene. Our Filipino staff is available 24/7 to guide and help you in any case. The climate and infrastructure of Philippines is closer to India’s, so Voila! The Indian students are not aliens to Philippines.