MBBS education is not like any other degree, and it requires the utmost skill and personality to save lives. Apart from your drive to become a doctor, choosing the right institution to learn medicine plays a huge role in defining your career. This country has a highly efficient medical education system that makes it the best destination for MBBS abroad education. Philippines offers international standard education with a safe and secure environment for international students. A medical degree earned from WHO recognized universities in Philippines opens up more comprehensive options for the graduates globally.

In this blog post, let’s take a look at the advantages of studying MBBS in Philippines.

Curriculum & Learning Facilities:
An MBBS degree in Philippines is called MD(Doctor of Medicine) which is recognized by WHO and MCI. The Filipino medical education institutes follow the US system of education, i.e. BS and MD course. The academic calendar starts in June and ends in March with two semesters each academic year, one from June to October and the second semester from November to March. The medical universities are renowned across the world for highly-qualified staff and superior medical equipment and technology.

The academics are a perfect combination of theory, practicals, and clinical rounds that help future doctors’ overall growth. The final year of the MD program is clerkship which is similar to an internship which is valid in India. Indian graduates from Filipino medical colleges/ universities can clear the MCI screening test to practice in India. AMA School of Medicine, University of Perpetual Help, Davao Medical School of Foundation are a few Medical institutes to mention in Philippines.

Cost of Education:
Low tuition fee in Filipino medical universities is one of the top reasons students worldwide, particularly Indians, choose this destination. The medical education in Philippines is much lower than countries like the USA, UK, Australia and China. When it comes to Indian students who qualified NEET and could not secure an MBBS seat in a government college, Philippines is very affordable compared to the private college with high donation fees. The affordability complemented by quality education with modern equipment in the universities has been a constant attractive factor for international students to pursue a medical degree in this nation. Get in touch with SG – best MBBS abroad education consultants in Hyderabad to get detailed information on tuition fee and expenses to study MBBS in Philippines.

Climatic Conditions Similar to India:
Philippines has a tropical climate similar to India’s tropical regions with three main seasons – summer, rainy season and winter. The average temperature ranges from 21° C to 32 °C with a yearly average temperature of 26.6 °C. The coolest month is January and May is the hottest. The temperatures do not fall drastically, so it will be easy for Indian students to adapt to the new environment.

Disease Pattern Similar to India:
Since the climatic conditions are similar to India, the diseases are also identical. It is a significant benefit for Indian students in using the extensive clinical rounds offered in the Filipino universities to earn hands-on experience. Hence, Indian students can skip the internship program after returning to India following education in the Philippines and directly practice medicine after clearing the MCI screening test.

No Language Barrier:
The learnings will be limited during the academic period if the students could not interact with the local patients due to language limitations. If you choose Philippines for your MBBS education, this problem won’t arise as English is the commonly spoken language unlike in countries like Russia, Ukraine, China. English is the official language in this country, and more than 14 million speak this language. It is easier for international students to interact with the professors and local patients at the classroom and clinical rounds.

Highest Exposure with Ample Patients:
Philippines is one of the world’s densely populated nations with its current population nearly touching the 11 crore figure mark. Higher population accounts for more cases to be treated with infections and diseases, creating a lot of exposure for upcoming doctors. It is not the case when you choose to study in counties with comparatively lower dense populations. This exposure makes Philippines the best destination place for MBBS Abroad education.

USA & International Job Advantage:
Philippines is renowned as a nation with many medical alumni working in developed nations like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore etc. Philippines has the largest number of trained nurses and doctors who immigrate to these countries every year. Filipino medical universities are listed in the California Board of Medicine for licensing. Since the academic curriculum is similar to the USA, it is easier for medical professionals who studied in the Philippines to quickly clear the eligibility test to practice medicine in the USA.

Tourism Destination:
Philippines is an archipelago with more than 7000 islands located in the southeastern part of Asia. Apart from academics, international students have plenty of tourist places to visit in their leisure times.

All these benefits attract students from all over the world, particularly from the countries United State, UK, other European nations, Malaysia, Thailand etc. Notably, the number of Indians preferring to opt Philippines for MBBS education is on a significant rise. So, it is evident that an MBBS degree from Philippines is an excellent choice for future doctors.

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