Studying Medicine is a dream for many, and the doctor profession continues to be highly valuable in India and across the world. If you are an aspiring MBBS candidate or planning to give another try at NEET exam for a better score to find admission in government medical college in India, have you considered studying abroad?

MBBS education in countries like the Philippines is an excellent option for students who could not secure their seat in Government medical institutes in India. There has been a significant hike in the number of Indian MBBS education seekers migrating to other countries for efficient learning. Let us look at some of the solid reasons why MBBS abroad is a good option for Indian students.

Fewer Seats in India
Nearly 16 Lakh students attempted NEET exam in 2020 with only around 40,000 of them capable of getting government seats. A vast portion of the qualified students has to either opt for admission in private medical colleges with high donation fee or have to wait for another year to reattempt NEET for a better score. Both these options are not fair for the students who have qualified the test. Planning abroad will be a blessing in disguise for those aspirants.

Less Dependence on NEET Rank
NEET qualification is sufficient to gain admission in abroad medical university, and the students are not required to secure top ranks. It is not the case when they apply for admission in government colleges in India. More often, good NEET score does not guarantee a seat due to the cut-throat competition among the aspirants in India. Choosing abroad medical universities has turned a smart option for the NEET qualified students.

Excellent Learning Facilities:
Governments of countries with an excellent medical education system invest hugely in making their healthcare sector strong. Students who get to study in those countries get greater exposure to modern equipment and learn with advanced teaching methods.

Lower Tuition Fee:
The most beneficial factor to study abroad is the low cost of education compared to private medical colleges in India. If you choose a country like the Philippines to learn, the universities over there do not charge donation/capitation, which reduces the financial requirement greatly.

Best Clinical Experience:
There is a misbelief that Indian medical graduates who pursued medical degrees from overseas universities have lower clinical exposure. But the main reason behind it is the international students’ inability to interact with local people in countries like Russia, Ukraine and China. It could be overcome by choosing an English speaking destination like the Philippines to plan your MBBS education. Students do not have to learn any new language to interact with patients in a country like the Philippines as English is the official language in this country. The lack of language barrier offers excellent scope for Indian students to learn and excel with clinical exposure while studying.

Considering the limited number of affordable MBBS seats in India and lower tuition fee, higher clinical exposure in abroad nations, choosing to study MBBS overseas would be a great pick. If you need guidance regarding MBBS in one of the top destinations like the Philippines, please contact SG Consultancy today.

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